Basic Scratch

Children will embark on an enriching learning journey to learn programming from ground zero and carry out exciting tasks and experience hands–on challenges.

We have designed the course to be 4 hours to suit kids who are experiencing programming for their very first time. It will be conducted as a half day program, either in the morning or afternoon. (9am – 1pm or 2pm -6pm)

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Basic Scratch

A course specially designed for children oozing with creativity and the thirst to solve problems within the context of space travel. No prior travel experience required. Only fun-loving space cadets interested in embarking on an adventurous journey through space in an effort to execute tasks logically and innovatively in an effort to launch originally created products into space.

This course will:
– expose children basic programming skills
– begin children on a journey of logical thinking within a creative realm to produce original products of their own in an effort to solve real-world problems
– understand and use goal-setting, self-control to initiate a project while monitoring their own progress

Basic Scratch is designed for children to embark on an enriching learning journey by acquiring basic programming language through various exciting tasks and hands-on challenges.

How do we at KidsCode impart our knowledge to your child?

  • We guide your child through step-by-step exercises to create a project
  • We get them to rebuild this first project or do a slight variation of it
  • We then leave them to build a new project from scratch and without any guidance
  • We will support them when they have questions
  • We repeat the process to instill confidence and familiarity